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  • Silica gel for column chromatography, High Purity       
  • Lot 45636A     
  • CAS 112926-00-8    
  • Formula SiO2      
  • Mw 60.08                                                    
  • Davisil Grade 923 Average pore 50A
  • Boiling point 2230°C 
  • Melting point >1600°C
  • Particle shape irregular
  • Particle size 75-150um (100-200 mesh)
  • Surface area 500-600 White fine granular powder   

Silica gel is one of the most widely used chromatographic adsorbents. It is available commercially in a wide range of forms.

Silica gel unsurpassed capacity for both linear and non linear isothermal separations and above all its almost complete inertness towards labile compound make it a logical first choice as a general purpose adsorbent for chromatography.

Silica Gel 100-200 M

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